1K Hunting Balance Bat/Batting Gloves
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1K Hunting Balance Bat/Batting Gloves

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This bat doesn’t include a warranty. If you would like to purchase one visit https://www.onyxsoftballbats.com/product/usssa-bat-1-year-warranty/




2020 Onyx USSSA MAC RIO 1K EXCLUSIVE End Load Bat – Onyx Softball Bats

  • 2-piece construction
  • Carbon Advance Technology 
  • End-Load swing weight
  • 13″ barrel length
  • Approved for USSSA
    The 2020 Onyx USSSA 1K  End Load USSSA Bat
    The Onyx USSSA features Carbon Advance  Technology  is the infusion of carbon composite that flexes to the impact rather than resisting it. This little bit of flex creates a trampoline effect, creating a response instead of a collision.

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